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     On January 23, 1964 a group of thirty landowners and tenants met at the Pinetops Fire House.  The mission... the creation of a rural fire department for the community.  Its been over 50 years since that first meeting.  The department is now known as the South Edgecombe Rural Fire Department.  The department has grown and evolved overt these years, but the spirit of dedication and citizenship of our founding members still holds firm.  The proceeds of the Pinetops 300' are used for the operation of the fire department and the purchase and upgrades of our equipment.  It's because of the Pinetops 300 Truck and Tractor Pull our citizens can rest assured that they have the best equipment to protect our fireman and our community.  And...the Pinetops 300' helps maintain the lowest fire tax for residents of our fire district.

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